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snap building blocks

Today is just a quick note of inspiration to keep you drawing and creating. This week one of my kids was practicing on an online math facts program that helps them practice math facts in a more exiting way. These aren’t games, but it’s not just doing flashcards, or paper print-outs either. But this one time my child was getting very frustrated. They either got the problem wrong, or something was glitchy with our mouse, and even though they knew the answer, they didn’t click on the numbers in the correct way. It was very frustrating.

Once they were done we looked at the progress report. And you know what? Even though they felt like they were doing horrible, their score went up, and the graph showed that they were improving. Looking at the whole picture helped them see that hey, they were doing great!

Learning any skill can be like this, but I think this is especially applicable to art. It can be easier said than done when I tell you that drawing everyday can improve your skills, but what if you feel like those drawings just plain stink? It is at times like these, when you feel like you can’t draw at all, that it is important to look back at what you have already accomplished. You may find that you really have improved, that even on this day where it seems like the tools or paper are fighting you, that you are more skilled, and a better at drawing than you were before.

You may also find that in the past you have created incredible art, and will continue to do so, even if today is an off day.

We can be our worst critique, at times, but it is always best to keep that criticism in perspective, and you’ll find that piece by piece, you will build a great portfolio.

Later this week I will be starting a mini series on criticism. In the mean time, have fun, and draw on!

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