DOT Drawing Challenge: You Guys are Awesome Giveaway

Thank you for being awesome students! Giveaway below:

For those new to the DOT Drawing Challenge, welcome!

This is a series of free art lessons designed to develop the drops of talent in you.  And we are having fun!  The main key to learning how to draw, is to draw, but that can be difficult.  These lessons are designed to teach you techniques and build your skills while letting go of the need to draw perfectly, and enjoying the process as much as the result.  For budding artist, and experienced alike, these lesson will train your eye to see things in new ways.

Just a reminder that anyone can participate in these lessons!  You just need a sketchbook and pencil (and maybe a few common household items later on).  You don’t have to do them on time, they will always be up!

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The challenge lasts for seven weeks, but I will continue to post more lessons after the challenge.  Anyone is welcome to join our DOT Challenge Facebook group, where we post results.  You will also find the most recent lesson under the Art Lesson tab at the top of the page. You can follow me on Twitter, or at Facebook as well.


Here are a few of the lessons we’ve had so far.


Introduction and outline to the DOT Drawing Challenge

A mom and her daughter sketch

Lesson 1: Blind Drawing Portrait: Train your eyes to “see” what they are looking at, and work with the crazy results!


Lesson 2: Squiggle Me This: Play a game of hide and seek, only you are seeking images in the clouds, and in the squiggles you draw.


Lesson 3: Finding Focus: Learn What is Important to You, so You Can Focus On That In Your Art.

We are also have a featured artist each week. Come get inspired!

A girl in the city illustration

Mary Reaves Uhles: Love and Fear


Leila Nabih: Following Her Passion, Staying Inspired

Make a request!

I also love requests!  Many of these lessons are based on requests from the DOT Drawing Challenge students, so request away.  I make a video with each lesson so you can see how to do the lesson.

I promise the lesson will be here tomorrow, but first I wanted to spice things up with another giveaway!  This one is going to give you a bit more time to rack up those points.

I have been singing the praises of Carla Sonheim’s Drawing Lab for the Mixed Media Artist so much, I thought I should give one of her books away!  It’s chock full of 52 exercises designed to get you drawing, and enjoying the process, while working with the results.  This book has transformed the way I create my artwork.

To participate in the giveaway, leave a comment in the post, subscribe to the blog, and leave a comment letting me know you have subscribed (just now or already), tweet a message (you can do this everyday and get lots of points!), or like my FB page.

It ends August 25, so you have a chance to earn a lot of points!

Are you enjoying the DOT Drawing Challenge?  Let me know, and tell your friends!  If you have a minute, read my post about my writing process.

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  1. I think my favorite lesson has been the “blind” drawing challenge, but it’s hard to actually choose just one lesson. They’ve all been great! Thanks, Telaina, for a fantastic opportunity!

  2. Wow I wish I had known about this challenge earlier.

    • Don’t worry Mary! The challenge will always be available, and we are just starting on week 3. Because of everyone’s busy schedule the challenge is at your own pace. I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. I really loved the blind drawing, that is the only one I have managed to get done so far, but it helped me to believe in myself and actually believe that I can draw!

  4. Thank you for coming up and sharing this challenge! I’m really looking forward to get the “drawing ball” rolling. 🙂

  5. I’ve really enjoyed all of it. I’ve never been given the opportunity to delve into art this far and it’s making me take the time to learn. Thank you! I love the blind drawing b/c all of my kids did that one with me. But this shadow stuff and making things look 3D is really exciting, too!

    • Thanks Carrie! I think the hardest thing to overcome in learning anything is believing that you really can do it. I’m glad you are enjoying the lessons. I have more kid friendly lessons planned, so stay tuned!

  6. Marilee

    My favorite lesson so far has been completing the scribble. I loved looking at things to see what I could turn them into!

  7. Marilee

    Oh, and I’m subscribed to your blog too, love it!

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