Free Art Lessons for the Budding Artist and Pro; Putting the Fun Back in Drawing

Drawing is the foundation to all art.  If you can learn how to draw, you can create anything in whatever style you want.   Learning how to draw is simple.  All you have to do is draw, and draw, and draw.  The more you draw, the better drawer you will be.  

That’s simple, right?   But sometimes it is hard to do.   If you’re not feeling inspired, or maybe you think you just plain stink, it can be hard to draw more.  Below are lessons that will teach you how to draw  and how to keep the fun in drawing, so that when drawing gets hard you can keep on drawing.  

Have fun, and draw on!

Here are  links to my blog series on art lessons, as well as helpful lessons on how to draw.  Homeschoolers stay tuned, as I plan on making lessons geared to different topics, so you too can incorporate art into your studies.



Painting a dot

The DOT BOOK: Getting Inspired to Make Your Mark!


Little monster sketch

Click on the link above for more info on helping your budding artist.

Whether you are a hoomeschooling family, a mom looking for an art activity, or just a parent who wants to support their child who always has a pencil or crayon in their hands, this corner is for you.  Come explore.  Here I provide teaching tips for different activities, and different topics that can be geared for each age group.  Have a request of suggestion?  Leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.   Coming soon, how to videos that will show you what you need, and will feature cool projects.

Free Art Lessons: THE DOT (Drops Of Talent) Drawing Challenge

Sometimes I can’t draw.  I love it, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.  For years I had long stretches of “I can’t draw-itis” and felt awful that something I have wanted to do for so long just wasn’t happening.  Then I figured out a few things… I learned to work hard, to practice, but most of all, I learned to have fun.

I’m still learning, and growing, and having fun.  I began the Drops OF Talent (DOT) Challenge so I could teach free art lessons to those who have always wanted to learn how to draw, but, like me for so many years, didn’t.  These challenges are also designed to help me explore different ways to create, and I highly recommend them for anyone who needs a fresh eye in their art.

The challenge is designed for 7 weeks, but I will continue to post lessons throughout the year.  Come join the DOTChallenge Facebook group, post a comment at the end of any lesson, or follow me on twitter @TelainaMuir.  I love requests, so if you want to learn something in particular, let me know.  Let’s have fun, and draw on!


Free Art Lesson DOT Drawing Challenge: Having Fun IS Only the Beginning!

paint brush coloring in an illustration

ART Supplies: What you will need for the lessons.


Learn how to pick the right sketchbook for you.

Sketchpad with doodles

Warm-ups: What to do before you even begin drawing!

A mom and her daughter sketch

Week 1: Lesson 1, Blind Portrait Drawing

Mary Reaves Uhles: Children's Book Writer and Illustrator

Mary Reaves Uhles: Children’s Book Writer and Illustrator: Get inspired by what inspires her!


Week 1, Lesson 2: Squiggle Me This!


Week 2, Lesson 3: Finding Focus

picture of Leila Nabih ilustrator

Leila Nabih: Inspired

leaf swirl

DOT Drawing Challenge Lesson 4: Focal Points and View Finders


DOT Drawing Challenge: Giveaway, you want this book!


DOT Drawing Challenge Lesson: Many Shades of Grey, exploring value and tone, and learning how to see it.

by Danny Duck

Dani Duck: Inspired By Everything!


DOT Drawing Challenge Lesson 6: Casting A Shadow

trail autumn leaves

DOT Drawing Challenge: Lesson Break: I Draw, Therefore I Am An Artist!

Sue Frye: Children’s Book Author Turned Illustrator, Don’t Turn From That Blank Page!

Dot Drawing Challenge Lesson 7: Finding Perspective


Make A Wish: What Drawing Lessons Do You Want To Learn?

Scan10002 2

Inventors Invent! Make your creations today!


Giveaway has ended, but there’s more to look forward to all year long!

sketch of the back of a man sitting

Lesson 9: 1 min figure sketch

girl on a broom with a chicken

Lesson 10: Human Body Proportions